Email attachments vs in body of email

Inevitably every day I receive several emails from artists who want me to pay attention to their work. So many of these emails just give me a website to link to. Frankly with several hundred emails every day I am not inclined to take additional time to explore work that an artist is “pitching” to me. AND I am leery to open links that I am uncertain of.

If you want my attention send me an image so that immediately I see the nature of your work. You should also send an attachment as a jpg, word or pdf file.

If you are having an exhibition make that absolutely clear giving dates, location including city and state. I’ll respond suggesting you submit your event online via our submission form:

Be clear about why you are sending this information. Do you want us to list this in the calendar? Do you want someone to come and see the show and write about it? Is this an opportunity listing?

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