The 5 w’s

Who, What, Where, When, and Why. All very important and should be included in any email you send out whether you are an individual Creative, gallery, pr for an organization or promoter. I find that often I want to go to the website that this email is writing to me about and there isn’t a visible link. My intention is to learn more and in some cased to be able to post the email to FaceBook or Twitter, an easy thing to do with the share button in my browser. Also, by having the content of the email a jpg of an invitation I am not able to easily copy and paste it into a document or database, nor can I copy any other relevant information that I’d like to have. Too much work and I’m on to the next email.

So, give the full information in the body of an email and also attach a jpg or pdf in the email which I can then access if it is needed.


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