The Not for Profit Mentality

By Cornelia Seckel

I often get a call from someone who is part of an organization wanting to promote what they are doing whether an art show, concert, performance, workshops, classes etc. and the plea is “we’re not for profit so you should write about us/ promote us/ support us, give us a discount on advertising”. Often accompanied by “and we’re local” — local to who? The concentration of our readers who see ART TIMES in print are in the lower part of the NorthEast, primarily the metropolitan-New York and Hudson Valley regions. Our online readers are everywhere.

Well I’d like to clue you all in to the fact that as an arts publication, one that supports all the arts with editorial and resources that nearly 100% of our advertisers have not-for-profit status or are artists who we know are not making a profit from their work, especially after paying for framing and giving the gallery sometimes over 50% of the sale of sold work. Offering a not-for-profit discount would be akin to Elderhostel offering a senior discount.

There are any number of not-for-profit entities that are not presenting themselves in what I call a “poverty mentality”. They handle themselves as a business and garner respect and admiration.

One thought on “The Not for Profit Mentality

  1. Art Times has always been helpful to non-profits as well as all organizations. Their rates are VERY reasonable – but more importantly than that….they create a personal relationship with each and every advertiser, artist and business. You can’t ask for anything more than that. Thank you Cornelia and Ray…..


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