Where is this email coming from?

By Cornelia Seckel

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been suckered in to exploring an email about a gallery or an artist and their show because I’m intrigued only to discover that there is no indication of where the show is being held or when it is. Sometimes by the area code I can determine that the show is in California, Santa Fe, Florida. It’s easy to tell where the email is coming from when it is in Spanish, German, French or Chinese.

The easier you make it for me to see what you want and what you do the more likely it is that I can respond.

Additionally I so often get a call and am told the organization is local. Local to who? The concentration of our readers who see ART TIMES in print are in the lower part of the Northeast primarily the metropolitan-New York and Hudson Valley regions. Our online readers are everywhere. Years ago I had to convince advertisers to include their area code with the phone number— now that concept has hit home what with cell phones and needing to include area codes sometimes when calling within the same county.

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