Subject field in your Email Needs to be more Revealing

By Cornelia Seckel

I just took another look at my emails. Between 2:58 and 4:43 on a Tuesday, there were 62 new emails checking at 2:55. So the Subject of an email is very important. If an email is being sent I’m sure it is with the idea that I’ll minimally take a cursive look. I’m not talking about all the promotion emails (clothing, health and business supplies and household products etc) and the people hoping I’ll hire them to “fix” my website and get higher ratings on google. I’m referring to emails are from museums, artists, performing art centers, art councils, schools, individuals and places that want me to pay attention to what they are doing. Hopefully I’ll write about them, include their events in our resources and go to their event—so I will write about them. I’m not adverse to any of that. I like to be out and about, to meet creative people, hear about latest projects and pass that along. After all, being a networker is my true work. When I meet someone and ask that they send me an email about some information I strongly suggest that they put in the subject something like “we met at the NAWA opening”. So I’m asking for help in order that I can honor the effort you are making when sending me an email.

  • new show opening at xyz gallery
  • request for guidelines
  • advertising information please
  • Short story submission
  • New workshop announcement
  • xyz has a new director
  • ad copy attached

avoid like the plague subjects like:
•  Hello
• your request
• hi
• greetings
• you’ve won
• a simple request
• please respond
• urgent
• news blast (and no indication who it’s from)
• many thanks
• make your reservation

I think you’ve got the idea. Make the subject clear and in line with the content of your email and it is much more likely that I’ll read it as 0pposed to putting it in the trash.

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