Structure/Nature: Paintings by Claire Lambe, Laura Hexner and Mary Anne Erickson

I was delighted to visit Cross Contemporary Art located at 81 Partition Street Saugerties NY to see the latest exhibition which had work by Mary Anne Erickson, Claire lamb and Laura Hexner, all fine artists. Although a relatively small gallery space it accommodates a lot of work and allows for intimate viewing. Director Jen Dragon writes:

Director Jen Dragon writes:
“Claire Lambe: Born in Ireland, Claire Lambe has a peripatetic artistic focus that reflects her extensive travels and intellectual obsessions. Lately Lambe’s work is concerned with the battle for resources and the lottery that decides who wins a game where one side increasingly holds the majority of tickets.

Laura Hexner: Laura Hexner has been meticulously painting and drawing the often overlooked subjects of everyday life: bridges, dams, telephone poles and highways. Her technical elegance with seemingly mundane subjects creates an abstract drama characteristic of her work.

Mary Anne Erickson: Mary Anne Erickson has long been fascinated by the deterioration and decay of vintage roadside American culture. Her color saturated photo-realist paintings capture the faded bucolic optimism of the Post-War years against the backdrop of a vast and empty western landscape.”

There will be a closing event on Saturday April 23rd, 5pm and at 6pm Mary Anne Erickson and Claire Lambe will give a talk followed by a poetry reading by a Syrian poet, Firas Sulaiman.

Jen Dragon exhibits internationally known painters, sculptors, and performers with an emphasis on artists who work in the Hudson Valley and Catskills region. Cross Contemporary Arts is open 7 days a week and by appointment. Please phone: 845-399-9751 for more information.

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