Artists’ Fellowship- Helping Artists since 1859

For most of the 30 + years that we’ve been publishing ART TIMES the Artists’ Fellowship has been one of many organizations that we support and for several years my partner Raymond Steiner sat on the board and was part of the committee that made gift decisions. We continue to be supporters and members of this important organization.

Founding members of the "Helpful Society," which was later to be renamed Artists' Fellowship

Founding members of the “Helpful Society,” which was later to be renamed Artists’ Fellowship

In 1859, the Fellowship was started by a group of compassionate artists and business leaders who recognized the need to assist professional fine artists and their families in times of emergency or financial hardship. The Artists’ Fellowship has been a private, charitable foundation that assists professional fine artists* (painters, graphic artists, sculptors) and their families in times of emergency, disability, or bereavement.

Assistance is given without expectation of repayment. One doesn’t need to be a member of the Fellowship to receive assistance; neither does membership in the Artists’ Fellowship entitle one to assistance from the foundation.

This is an organization that takes care of its own and is very much like the Burial Societies way before health or life insurance helped pay for burial. This is a great act of kindness and has extended to providing gifts for professional fine artists and their families that are in need of assistance. Whether a studio fire, natural disaster, health crisis or major economic hardship the Artists’ Fellowship will consider emergency aid — this is not a grant. Over the years and the generous donations the Artists’ Fellowship has a large endowment and over 50 professional artists receive support annually to aid them in their time of need.

There are several ways you can help this organization: become a member, make a donation, let a professional fine artist who is having great difficulties know about this great resource.

The website is easy to navigate and you can access the information needed to make a donation, become a member or apply for assistance.

According to the Artists’ Fellowship guidelines:
* “Professional” is defined as those who make the creative arts as their livelihood as painters, sculptors, or art photographers through sales as reported on a Schedule C with Federal tax returns. An active exhibition history is also a part of documenting “professional.”

“Fine Artists” are defined as those who create images for sale through galleries, private commission or reproduction in mass media.  Art photography as defined above is considered “Fine Art.”  All media such as clay, sculpture, digital, traditional is considered “Fine Art” as defined above.

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