Charlotte Tusch at the Lace Mill

lace-millCharlotte Tusch is the first artist featured as The Lace Mill begins participation in Kingston’s First Saturday on November 5This marks the Lace Mill’s first inclusion in this monthly event when galleries throughout Kingston have opening receptions with featured artists.The reception is on Saturday, November 5 from 5-8pm. Musicians Michael Bisio, on bass and Michael Monhart on saxophone will add to the festivities.

charlotte-in-studioExhibits are held in the Boiler Room Gallery in the former US Lace Curtain Mill built in 1903. For more than 20 years, it was a boarded up storage facility when RUPCO reconstructed this into 55 affordable rental units in Kingston preferenced for artists. Viewed as both a housing complex and an economic development effort, this feat has been widely embraced as an important anchor for the arts community. The Lace Mill includes apartments, several gallery spaces and designated shared and private work studios.

Charlotte’s work is serene. She creates a calm atmosphere where one can easily spend hours. Work in this show varies in size from 60”X48” to 20”X20” all work done with acrylic, latex, metallic pigment on linen.

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