The artscene in New Paltz, NY

It had been awhile since I explored the artscene in New Paltz and was pleased to see new exhibit places as well as places that have been there for many years. The Samuel Dorsky Museum at SUNY New Paltz serves as a center for the arts and culture of the Hudson Valley and supports and enriches the academic programs at the university by presenting a broad range of national and international art for study and enjoyment.

Nadia Sablin, The Last Strawberries, 2009,

Nadia Sablin, The Last Strawberries, 2009, archival Digital Print, courtesy the artist

Intimately Unfamiliar, an exhibition of new work by the fulltime art faculty of the State University of New York at New Paltz, presents a wide-range of projects in many mediums—from drawing and painting to photography, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, and 3-D printing—using a myriad of technologies, on many subjects. It will run thru April 9, 2017

Three exhibits will open on February 4 and running through May 21.
• A retrospective exhibition of Carl Walters and Woodstock Ceramic Arts will survey the over 40-year career of Carl Walters (1883–1955).
• The exhibition Sara Greenberger Rafferty: Gloves Off will present recent work by the Brooklyn-based artist known for unsettling works that contend with topics such as domesticity, the body, consumer culture, fashion, and violence.
• And Text/ures of Iraq: Contemporary Art from the personal collection of New York-based sculptor Oded Halahmy. Halahmy is a Jewish native of Baghdad and his work will be presented alongside that of eight contemporary artists from Iraq.

Mark and Maxine Gruber, owners of Gruber Gallery, New Paltz, NY

Mark and Maxine Gruber, owners of Gruber Gallery, New Paltz, NY

The Mark Gruber Gallery ( has been celebrating their 40-year anniversary of featuring fine art. Currently on view is Winter Salon thru February 18. The artists Mark represents are some of the finest in the Hudson Valley Region and it is always a pleasure to see new work by these extraordinary artists.

Water Street Market ( was built nearly 20 years ago with each shop (about 25) independently owned. You can find galleries, shops, offices for organizations, restaurants and services offering movement therapy and massage.

I visited The Cheese Plate ( showcasing fabulous, mouth-watering cheese and a small food market and gift shop • Cronin Contemporary Art & Design ( features the work of Ryan E Cronin, fine artist and designer •

On the main street and surely within walking distance of the campus is Manny’s, ( established in 1962 by Manny Lipton is, as they say, more than just an Art Store. Located on Main Street it is within easy walking distance of SUNY New Paltz. In this family-run business you can find a myriad of art and craft supplies, handmade papers, stationery, knitting yarn and supplies, all sorts of novelties, journals, greeting cards and more. Just walking into the story made me want to create something.
Unframed Gallery is tucked away in the woods but not far from downtown New Paltz. The gallery opened in 2006 has established, student, professional, emerging, and hidden artists. They encourage any and all forms of artistic endeavor – painting, sculpture, performance, guerilla and video. Check their FaceBook page for upcoming events.
Roost Studios ( and Cooperative Art Gallery is on the 2nd floor at 69 Main Street in New Paltz. This cooperative gallery has several exhibition spaces available for group and solo shows of members, juried shows open to anyone who would like to apply. There are art classes, dance classes, Ballet & More for Kids, Tango Night, Poet’s Open Mic, a movie night and an openness for other programs. I met with Marcy Bernstein, President and founder, and a fine spokesperson for the cooperative. I met her early in January 2017 and she is excited about an upcoming show Rising Artists 2017 and the deadline is Feb 5 to submit work for the 1st Annual Rising Artists Exhibition. The juried show and retail sale will be on March 9-April 2 and the opening reception is March 18. I’m sure it will be a fun night— lots of fine art, interesting people and things to buy in the little shop.

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