Florida a Buswoman’s holiday

I went to Delray Florida for my cousin’s 75th Birthday 3 day celebration. It was a fabulous family & friends reunion and a terrifically relaxing time. As is my nature, I visited some artists that I’ve known for years and just haven’t seen in a while and there are always a few new organizations and venues to explore.

As a board member and honorary VP for the National Association of Women Artists (NAWA) I was aware of the Florida Chapter and was so pleased that there was an opening for the multimedia exhibit, “Well Chosen” in Fort Lauderdale, (not very far from where I was staying) and since I had no plans for the evening, how could I not go?

I felt a bit like a celebrity as I introduced myself and in fact I’d met several of the women when they were inducted into NAWA last Fall (see my blog Culturally Speaking about that event). The Work (1-3 pieces by 26 women) was varied in mediums and consistently of high quality. The chapter has 130 members— some are snowbirds. Beth Scher is the president and gave out the awards for 1st place to Lynn Kroll; 2nd place to Diane Lublinski; and 3rd place to Debbie Rubin. Judge’s Recognition was given to Marily Liedman.

The exhibit was held at ArtServe, Fort Lauderdale, FL (artserve.org), an organization whose mission is to “empower local artists and cultural entities to achieve their vision, improve the cultural fabric of the community and discover innovations in the arts by providing ongoing programs, facilities and services.”



artserve offices

Office spaces for Creatives at ArtSpace in Fort Lauderdale, FL

As I toured the building, the city’s former main library, with the director Hal Axley showed me the music studio, dance studio, theater, spaces for workshops, exhibition space and an extensive gift shop. They often curate exhibition and seek to have collaborations with other Creative / Arts organizations. There are 600 artist members. Office space is rented out to not for profit organizations and individual Creatives and serves as an art incubator. Multi-purpose rooms are available for rent and occupied almost every night. There are a number of art studios and I found it to be a working ‘Beehive’ with mailboxes, a kitchen, and the help of 5 full-time staff and 3 part-time staff members. ArtServe (artserve.org/about-us/) is supported by Broward County.

The next day, after a walk on the beach I went to see Lorrie Turner (lorriebturner.com), an artist I’ve known since she was the PR person for Pastel Society of America some 20+ years ago. Lorrie just returned from a workshop in Key West with Michele Byrnes where she was working with a palate knife rather than the brushes she is familiar with.

PAPBLorrie had a board meeting of the PAPB (Plein Air Palm Beach) and I asked to come along. It was a typical board meeting and accomplished their goals efficiently. PAPB holds numerous events as well as the meetup group, with over 500 members) using meetup.com/plambeachartists

Palm Beach Plein Air Artists (pleinairpalmbeach.com) began with Donna Walsh organizing paint-outs for Palm Beach Watercolor Society (PBWS). At the same time Ralph Papa, whom I knew from many years ago when he lived in the Hudson Valley, organized a Plein Air group to paint in and around Delray Beach FL. In the spring of 2013, Ralph and Donna decided to merge the groups using the Palm Beach Plein Air as the group name since this most aptly describes the area where they schedule paint-outs. PAPB, incorporated in April, 2014, is for art lovers and artists at all levels who love plein air painting in and around Palm Beach County and the surrounding South Florida vicinity. It was a pleasure to meet members of the board and enjoy the hospitality of the hostess .

Ralph PapaFrom the board meeting several people went to Ralph’s (papagallery.com) opening reception at the Highland Beach Public Library. Mimi Franklin was the other artist showing with Ralph and the work was ver complementary. It was a good showing of support for these artists and the gallery space was large and well-lit.


It was a day filled with reconnecting and I ended the day with a visit to John and Teresa Frazee (frazeefinearts.com)whom I knew when they lived in Kingston, NY. It was a great pleasure to see what they are up to.

Both John and Teresa are writing poetry as well as doing their artwork and Teresa sent me a copy of a play she wrote that was performed at the Compass Community Center. They are both very involved, and surely assets to the arts community of Delray, Florida.

That was it for my Buswoman’s holiday as I spent the rest of the time enjoying the beach, family and friends. A great 10 days……

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