The Culturally Speaking Journal is a blog about the arts. Here you will read reports from my travels, tips for Creatives to help publicize their work, newsy items that cross my desk and comments and pictures from the exhibits, performances and other events I attend. I expect from time to time I may just pass along my thoughts.

Culturally Speaking Journal is an extension of the ‘Culturally Speaking’ column I have written for ART TIMES for over 30 years. ART TIMES is the go to source for creative people, founded 33 years ago by myself and my partner Raymond J. Steiner, who is also a fine arts painter.

Online at www.arttimesjournal.com

  • enjoy essays about the arts
  • learn from articles and videos by guest contributors
  • see opportunities for Creatives
  • use the calendar of cultural events as a great resource

I’d love hear from you and read your comments about the Culturally Speaking Journal. Or perhaps you have a suggestion for a topic you’d like me to expand upon?

Contact me: Cornelia.Seckel@gmail.com
Read ART TIMES at http://www.arttimesjournal.com/
See Raymond J. Steiner’s paintings: http://www.RaymondjSteiner.com
RJS Blog: http://www.RJSteiner.wordpress.com

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